Application for 
Substitution of Courses

CAS-OCS Form No. 003
(Cert. of Student Classification)

CAS-OCS Form No. 007
(Document Request Form)

CAS-OCS Form No. 014
(Replacement of GE Courses)

CAS-OCS Form No. 016
(College Clearance)

CAS-OCS Form No. 017
(Replacement Form)

CAS-OCS Form No. 019
(GE Plan of Study)

CAS-OCS Form No. 101
(Excuse for Absence)

Cross Register Form

Data Privacy
Consent Form

Modified Form 26

OUR Form 2021-6
(Application for Shifting Form)

Overload Permit

Permit for Transfer or Shift to Other CU or Other College

Permit to Transfer from One CU to Another

Underload Permit

UPLB Form No. 3
(Undergraduate Application Form)

UPLB Form No. 25
(Removal_Completion Permit)

Unified Form

Evaluation Sheet

Evaluation Sheet

UPLB-OCS Form No. 006
(Consent of Instructor)