University of the Philippines Rural High School:  In the Service to the University and to the Nation

The University of the Philippines Rural High School (UPRHS) was founded by virtue of Philippine Legislative Act 3377, Section 4 (known as the National Vocational Act of 1927). It was designed as a vocational high school and served as a practice teaching laboratory for Agricultural Education students under the administration of the Department of Agricultural Education, UP College of Agriculture. In the early 1960s, more academic subjects were added. Since 1975, the school has continually improved its program through establishing linkages with other UPLB units for national development. Subsequently, it has evolved into its status as a full state university high school with a science-oriented, college preparatory curriculum in which growth and development are aligned with that of UP Los Baños. It has also continued to serve as a teaching laboratory for UPLB students whose degree programs allow teaching options. 

Alongside of being a service unit as laboratory school of UPLB, UPRHS continues to serve as well as the local up to regional community as it opens its door to the Senior High School students of Laguna and CALABARZON for them to present their exceptional researches and studies that will contribute to the betterment of the current educational landscape as well as improving the lives of the diverse communities outside the parameters of UPLB. The Senior High School Capstone Experience Conference every year organized by UPRHS accepts papers and abstracts for oral and poster presentations. This event aims to bring together senior high school students and engage them in meaningful discussions about varied topics. Likewise, it also provides an avenue for the students to explore various fields of interest, communicate their ideas and learnings, and showcase their outputs from diverse capstone experiences. Moreover, it also empowers teachers to use capstone experiences as tools to develop 21st century learners. And finally, it is a culmination of the achievements the students have made with their various capstone endeavors.

Also, UPRHS conducts the annual Sci-Math Fair and Exhibits joined by the different elementary, junior high, and senior high schools from CALABARZON and Metro Manila hat was held at the UPRHS school grounds in Paciano Rizal, Bay Laguna. The three-day event that consisted of seminars, exhibits, lectures, and other activities opened with a program that featured speakers from the university, each giving their take on sustainable development and related topics. These aims are to value and recognize the mathematical and scientific skills of the young people towards an inclusive and changing society.

Indeed, UPRHS is a vital public service unit to prepare and gear the next generation to take the lead, initiate and innovate more in the spirit of nation building and strengthening the mandate of the University of the Philippines, to serve the people.