CAS Extension Activities  
Unit Extension, Services, Training, Seminar Activities of Units
IBS 1. Technical Assistance as Resource Persons/Speakers or Consultants
    1.1. BRAAP (Biodiversity Rapid Assessment and Appraisal Program
    1.2. Institutional Research and Extension Evaluation
    1.3. Information dissemination through media and paper interviews
2. Trainings, Seminars, Conferences
    2.1. Rapid Composting and its use as Fertilizer
    2.2. E-learning
    2.3. Gender and Development and Gender Analysis
    2.4. IBS-UPLB Training Course on Basic Molecular Biology Techniques and Data Analysis
3. Instructional Support Services
    3.1. Adopt-a-School Program
    3.2. Upgrading Teaching and Learning Strategies in Biological Sciences from primary to tertiary level
    3.3. Use of Teaching Models in various biology subjects
4. Regular Extension Services
    4.1. Biodiversity Surveys
    4.2. Ecological Profiling
    4.3. Honey and Pollen Analyses
    4.4. Microbiological Analytical Laboratory (analysis for microorganisms, water quality, food etc)
    4.5. Plant Histochemistry
    4.6. Biotechniques
    4.7. Species Identification (plants, animals and microorganisms) 4.8. Pollination Services (Evaluation & Knowledge Assessment)
5. Short Courses
    5.1. Algal Identification
    5.2. Herbal Medicine
    5.3. Intensive Beekeeping
    5.4. Museum Techniques
IC Analytical Service Laboratory
1. Consultation and Training Services
   1.1. Method Development and Validation
   1.2. Environmental Quality Assessment
   1.3. Water Quality Monitoring
   1.4. Food Composition Analyses for Nutritional Labeling of Processed Food
   1.5. Analyses of water, sediment and biological Samples
2. Chemical Analyses
    2.1. Moisture
    2.2. Ash
    2.3. Crude Protein
    2.4. Crude Fat
    2.5. Crude Fiber
3. Water Analysis
    3.1. Acidity
    3.2. Alkalinity
    3.3. BOD/COD
    3.4. Dissolve Oxygen
    3.5. Residue
    3.6. Salinity
    3.7. Conductivity
    3.8. Total Hardness
    3.9. Heavy Metals
    3.10. MBAS (surfactant)
    3.11. Phosphate and Nitrogen Fractions
    3.12. Sulfate
    3.13. Chloride
    3.14. Turbidity
    3.15. Oil and Grease
    3.16. pH
4. Carbohydrate Analyses
    4.1. Sugars
    4.2. Total Carbohydrates
    4.3. Starch
5. Fats and Oils Analyses
    5.1. Specific Gravity
    5.2. Saponification Number
    5.3. Iodine Number
    5.4. Peroxide Number
    5.5. Free Fatty Acid Number
6. Soil Analyses
    6.1. Organic Matter
    6.2. Total Carbonate
    6.3. Total Nitrogen
    6.4. Micronutrients
    6.5. Others: Lead in human blood, extraction of fat
Summer Training
Training Course 1: Proximate Analysis of Foods and Feeds
Training Course 2: Basic Laboratory Techniques, Chemical Safety and Storage, and Laboratory Waste Management for Chemistry Laboratory Technicians
ICS Computer Training and Extension Division
A. Short Courses
   a. offer several short courses from Beginner to Advanced levels. You can also request for a Customized Training Package by sending us your needs. Our resource persons are highly qualified and have years of industry and teaching experience
   b. conduct trainings on-site depending on the availability of the trainers and participants.
B. Extension
   a. software development for free
C. Industry Partnership
   a. On-the-Job Training
   b. Job-fair – Your company can contact us in case you want to conduct a job fair.
IMSP 1. Training Instrumentation
2. Robotics
3. Digital Electronics
4. Training and Advanced Material Fabrications
5. Bridge Program in Mathematics
6. Career Orientation
7. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics – Training, Seminars, and Workshops Programs
INSTAT 1. Statistical Consulting Group
    1.1. Statistical Advice on Surveys and Experiments
    1.2. Data Encoding and Processing
    1.3. Statistical Analysis
2. Training Courses:
    2.1.  Analysis of Research Data Using Statistical Computer software
    2.2. Descriptive Statistics
    2.3. Design and Analysis of Statistical Surveys
    2.4. Educational Planning, Designing Educational Research and Data Collection, Processing and Analysis
    2.5. Forecasting, Statistical Report Writing and Technical Writing
    2.6. Introduction to Management Information System (MIS) and Technical Reports
    2.7. Microcomputer-based Training on Designed Analysis of Socio-economic Researches
    2.8. Processing and Analysis of Administrative Data
    2.9. Research Methods for Social Science Research
    2.10. Statistical Design and Analysis of Basic Education Research
    2.11. Time Series Analysis and Modeling
DHK UPLB-CAS Community Aerobics (year round)
DHUM Pelikulab-National Commission for Culture and the Arts Cinema Rehiyon 2016
DSS UPLB Friday School Extension Project  (Tulong-Dunong: Sampaksaan para sa mga Guro ng Araling Panlipunan)
Lite Program  The College also conducts/offers various extension activities ranging from training programs including short-term English language course/tutorials for graduate and undergraduate international students under the LITE Program; technical assistance and laboratory services; consultancy services; experts services; and cultural performances.