Mission, Vision and Goals
Mission, Vision and Goals


To serve as a center of excellence in the basic sciences, as a cradle of humanities and the arts, and as center of liberal education and foundation courses.


CAS as a dynamic community of reflective and creative scholars committed to academic excellence and of basic values. Having the widest diversity of programs and the largest number of students and faculty members, being the sources of its strength, it is challenged to be more innovative in the governance of our institutions to be able to contribute to our university’s role as a critical vehicle for the intellectual and moral transformation of our people.


With the College’s vision and mission, the following are what CAS aims to achieve:

  • To nurture the uniqueness of the college as the only college that can fuse the basic sciences, arts and humanities;
  • To pursue academic excellence in the college and also in the university through the offering of quality courses in the liberal education such as the general education courses;
  • To produce world-class graduates of the academic programs in the basic physical and natural sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities; and 
  • To build a family of ‘happy’ and contented academic and administrative staff.