Removal/Completion Permit
Removal/Completion Permit

Online Filing of Removal/Completion Permit

A. SUBMISSION of the removal/completion permit

  1. Student accomplishes the permit form (UPLB Form No. 25).
  2. Student sends email to the faculty with subject: Removal/Completion Permit. The email message includes the following attachments:
    – Accomplished permit form (UPLB Form No. 25)
    – A screenshot of existing grade (4 or INC) in the course
    – An electronic copy of UP ID
    – An electronic copy of Form 5 for the current semester
  3. Upon receipt of the email from the student, the faculty:
    – verifies student record
    – confirms the date of completion/removal in the permit
    – signs the permit (e-signature is permitted) and saves the permit form in a PDF format with filename RemovalPermit_StudentSurname_FacultyInitials.pdf (e.g. RemovalPermit_Santos_JRSReyes.pdf)
    – sends email message to CAS-OCS [email protected] with subject: StudentDegreeProgram_Removal/Completion Permit (e. g. BACA_Removal Permit) and the PDF permit form as attachment

B. Approval of the removal/completion permit
CAS-OCS sends the approved PDF permit to faculty and student.
– The schedule of the regular removal examination is to be released by the UPLB Office of the University Registrar (OUR).
– If the removal/completion permit is disapproved, CAS-OCS sends disapproval notice to the faculty and student.

3 removal completion flowchart