CAS Ongoing Research Projects

IBS Molawin Biopark Sustainability as UPLB Landmark in Stream/River Protection, Conservation and Habitat Restoration Dr. Macrina T. Zafaralla
Professor Emeritus
Feb. 16, 2016 Jan. 15, 2017 UPLB Research Trust Fund
IBS Habitat Restoration of the Lipote Reiver in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas (Proposals Submitted for funding) Dr. Macrina T. Zafaralla
Professor Emeritus
2017 Submitted to the BFAR
IBS Pilot Project Towards he Rehabilitation of Some Manila Esteros (Proposals Submitted for funding) Dr. Macrina T. Zafaralla
Professor Emeritus
2017  April 2018 Submitted to Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC)
IBS PHIL-LIDAR 2. Nationwide Detailed Resources Assessment Using LiDAR (Program B. LIDAR Data Processing, Modelling, and Validation for the Nationwide Resources Assessment for MIMAROPA and Laguna) Dr. Damasa M. Macandog June 1, 2014 May 31, 2017 Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development
IBS Vulnerability Assessment to Landslides and Flooding along the Santa Rosa-Silang Riverine System using LiDAR and GIS-based Hydrological Modeling Technologies Dr. Damasa M. Macandog Jan. 1, 2016 Dec. 31, 2016 National Academy of Science and Technology – Environmental Science Award
IBS Agent-based Modeling of sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable people to adapt to the impacts of flood-related landslides in the Philippines Dr. Damasa M. Macandog June 1, 2014 May 31, 2016 Oscar M. Lopez Center for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management Foundation, Inc
IBS Macro land snails of Mount Banahaw, Luzon Island, Philippines: Diversity and ecological patterns Dr. Emmanuel Ryan C. de Chavez           Julius A. Parcon, UR I UPLB Basic Research Program
IBS Prokaryotic Community Structure and Isolation of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria for Potential Use in Bioremediation from Sediments from Taal Volcano Dr. Nina M. Cadiz UPLB Basic Research Program
IBS Species Adaptability as Influenced by Soil Amelioration and Assisted Natural Regeneration in Phytoremediation of an Abandoned Mine-out Dumpsite Dr. Nina M. Cadiz UPLB Basic Research Program
IBS Effect of predation risk on the behavior of territorial damselfish and roving herbivores Prof. Maria Eleanor Aurellando UPLB Basic Research Program
IBS Chemosystematic of Selected Species of Philippine Melastomataceae Prof. Antonio L. Ryaos, Jr. UPLB Basic Research Program
IC Promoting Fruitect TM, a product of the projects Dr. Hidelisa P. Hernandez DOST
IC Synthesis of inhibitors of mycobacterial cell wall galactan biosynthesis Prof. Gladys Cherisse J. Completo Oct. 31, 2016 Sept 30, 2018 UP Balik PhD
IC Catalytic Valorization of Lignin for the production of Aromatic Chemicals Maye Joanne T. Aguila Sept. 13, 2016 Oct. 13, 2018 UP Funded
Bench-scale production of Nanosensors for the Detection and Analysis of Arsenic in Contaminated Water -Development of a Fluorescent Nanobiosensor for the detection of Arsenic Mariam C. Recuenco DOST Funded
IC Removal of Arsenic from Contaminated Water Using Modified Biopolymer-Silica Nanocomposite Materials Dr. Milagros M. Peralta DOST Funded
Installation of CCTV Cameras within the premises of IC
Monitoring of staff and students working after office hours
IC Development of nanosensors and nanostructured materials from agricultural by-products for enhancement of food and agricultural productivity and for environmental sensing and remediation Dr. Milagros M. Peralta       (Program Leader) Jan 1, 2015 Dec. 31, 2016 PCIEERD
IC Development of sensitive prototype sensor for monitoring insecticide residues in fruits and vegetables to address current maximum residue limits Dr. Milagros M. Peralta           (Co-Project Leader) Nov 1, 2014 Oct. 30, 2016 PCIEERD
IC Protein Engineering of the Major Storage Protein of Mungbean Enhanced with Bioactive Peptides Exhibiting Hypocholesterolemic Acitivity Dr. Mary Ann O. Torio                        (Project Leader)
Prof. Mark Rickard N. Angelia
Jul 10, 2015 Jul 9, 2019 UP EIDR
IC Potential allelopathic compounds from the leaves of Talinumtriagulare (Jacq) and Sphaneticolatrilobata (L.): isolation, characterization and bioherbicide application Prof. Kevin C. Salamanez Jun 1, 2015 May 31, 2017 UPLB Basic Research Fund
IC Screening Isolation and biochemical characterization of beta-galactosidase and mannanase from lactic acid bacteria for production of prebiotic oligosaccharides Prof. Sheryl Lozel Arreola UPLB Basic Research Program
ICS Illegal Drug Event Detection on Twitter (an ongoing undergraduate student project) Prof. Jaderick P. Pabico August 2016 June 2017
IMSP IMSP website com member, please help…
INSTAT MODECERA: Project 3. Monitoring the response and productivity of ornamentals and industrial crops and development strategies to enhance crop adaptation to climate change project Dr. Consorcia E. Reaño ,                        EAAguilar Oct 16, 2015 Oct 15, 2017 DOST
INSTAT Crop Forecasting and Crop Model Development Project under the Program SARAI (Smarter Approaches to Re-invigorate Agriculture as an Industry in the Philippines) Dr. Felino P. Lansigan            (Project Leader)                        Consorcia E. Reaño Nov 2014 April 30, 2017 DOST
INSTAT Evaluation of the Impact of Agricultural Insurance Program of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation on Agricultural Producers Region IVA CALABARZON Dr. Felino P. Lansigan            (Project Leader)                        Consorcia E. Reaño, LN Comia, NA Tandang, RV Collado, JRS Reyes August 2015 Sept 30, 2016 PIDS
INSTAT Improvement of Coconut Varieties Through Genomics, Gnetics, and Breeding for a Competitive and Sustainable Philippine Coconut Industry (Genomics-Assisted Molecular Breeding). Project 6: Marker Assisted Breeding in Coconut Targeting Productivity And Major Industrial Traits AG Lalusin (Project Leader), CE Reaño Jan 2014 Jan 2019 DOST
DHK DHK-CAS  Community Aerobics                                                   (Anti-Drug) Naomi M. Enriquez         Myra Luzviminda G. Abueg      Jocelyn Ann C. Luna               Rowena C. Cardenas March 2008 Present CAS-DO                                    Office of the Chancellor
DHK DHK-CAS  Cardio Fitness Program                                           (Anti-Drug) Naomi M. Enriquez         Myra Luzviminda G. Abueg      Jocelyn Ann C. Luna Nov 2015 Present DHK-CAS
DHK First Aid Seminar Workshop (Disaster Risk Reduction and Management) Naomi M. Enriquez                  Myra Luzviminda G. Abueg 2017 CAS-DO
DHK Special Swim and Survive Program                           (Disaster Risk Reduction and Management) Myra Luzviminda G. Abueg    Patricio T. Laurel                           Emilio M. Tapangco                        Pepito G. Torino April 7, 2016 April 10, 2016 DHK-CAS
DSS S&T- Based Social Enterprise Development and Piloting for te Marginalized Sectors of Los Banos, Laguna. Dr. Florencia G. Palis Sept. 1, 2016 Aug, 31, 2018 PCARRD
DSS State of the Art: Social Science Research in Southern Tagalog Region, 2009-2014 Dr. Florencia G. Palis
Project Leader
Prof. Rhina A. Boncocan
Prof. Girlie Nora A. Abrigo
MVO Rodriguez
Co-Study Leaders
DB Lopega
Study Leader
Prof. Maria Reina Boro-Magbanua
Prof. Zoilo D. Belano, Jr.
Co-Study Leader
June 1, 2015 Dec 31, 2016 UPLB Basic Research