Document Request
Document Request

Online Processing of Document Request

  1. Download the request form (CAS-OCS Form 007).
  2. Fill-out the application form using:
    Note: Only applicants with a UP email account can access the link.
    Attachments in this application form should include:
    – Accomplished request form (CAS-OCS Form 007) with filename: Surname_Form.pdf (e.g. Reyes_Form.pdf)
    – An electronic copy of UP ID with filename: 
    Surname_ID.jpg (e. g. Reyes_ID.jpg)
  3. Upon receipt of the request, CAS-OCS prepares the requested document(s). Wait for the acknowledgemen receipt to be sent by CAS-OCS.
  4. CAS-OCS sends the PDF file of requested document(s).
2 doc request flowchart