Grading System
Grading System

ART. 371. The performance of the student shall be rated at the end of the semester/trimester/term in accordance with the following system:

1.0Excellent 2.75Satisfactory
1.25Excellent 3.0Pass
1.5Very Good 4.0Conditional Failure
1.75Very Good 5.0Failure
2.0Good INCIncomplete
2.25Good DRPDropped

The work of special students or students on audit may be reported at the end of the semester as “S” (Satisfactory) or “U” (Unsatisfactory).

The qualitative grades will not be used in computing GWA, but will be used only to break a tie in the ranking of students.

The grade of “INC” is given to a student whose class standing throughout the semester is “Passing” but fails to take the final examination or fails to complete other requirements of the subject due to illness or other valid reasons. In case the class standing is not “Passing” and the student fails to take the final examination for any reason, a grade of “5.0” shall be given.

Removal of the “INC” must be done within the prescribed time [within one (1) academic year where there are three (3) regular removal periods] by passing an examination or meeting all the requirements of the course, after which the student shall be given a final grade based on his/her overall performance.

A grade of “4.0” means “Conditional”.

a. A grade of “3” or “5” is given after removal is taken within the prescribed one academic year.

b. The grade of “4” is automatically changed to “5” when the one-year grace period for removal has lapsed. The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) will generate a list of un-removed grades of “4” and send the list to the Department/Institute Chairs/Directors for feedback. The Department/Institute Chairs/Directors will return the signed and updated list to the OUR and University Registrar will change the grades from “4” to “5” based on the list.

c. A grade of “4” is not removed and the course is re-enrolled within the prescribed re-enrollment period.

ART. 377. No student of the University shall solicit directly or indirectly any grade from his/her professor. Any student violating this rule shall lose credit in the subject(s) regarding which such solicitation is made, without prejudice to the filing of a case for disciplinary action.