Diploma in Computer Science. The degree program addresses the need for advanced training in information systems and computing theory among the professionals in the computer industry with minimal training in the field of computer science. It is designed to enable the students to acquire the necessary background in computer science in preparation for advanced studies; to gain knowledge and skills in computer science as applied in their field of work; and to develop and improve their techniques in the practice of proper design and development of application software. The core courses provide students with a solid foundation in computer science concepts such as discrete structures in computer science, programming and problem solving process, computer systems and organization, the interaction between data structures and algorithms, and the basics of data communications. The specialization courses provide the knowledge and skills needed by the students in their advanced studies and field of work. There are two areas of specialization a student may choose from: Information Systems and Computing Theory.

Diploma in Statistics. The program is offered in both residential and distance education modes. It addresses the need for advanced training in Statistics among professionals in the Philippine Statistical System who have minimal training in statistics. The program requires a total of 30 units of course work and 3 units of research work, which can be completed within one year. This will enable the students to acquire knowledge and skills needed in the collection, processing and organization of data to generate information; correctly and effectively apply statistical methodology in their job; provide the necessary prerequisites for advanced education in statistics; and develop a broader perspective on the role of statistics in the Philippine statistical system.