Appeal for Readmission (for P.D. Students)
Appeal for Readmission (for P.D. Students)

Documents Needed for Evaluation of Student’s Appeal for Readmission (Permanently Disqualified Students)

A. Letter of appeal addressed to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs [Readmission Form No. 2]

B. Notarized statement from the parents’ attesting/confirming the student’s reason for failing to maintain good academic standing & promising to assist/supervise the student if readmitted. This may be substituted by a personal conference with OVCSA Vice Chancellor.

C. Plan of study (to be prepared by the student and approved by the academic adviser) detailing the courses to be taken from the time of readmission until graduation. [Sample Plan of Study].

D. True Copy of Grades (TCG) from the concerned college secretary. It must indicate all grades from freshman until the last semester the student was enrolled with the reason for the grades of 5.0 as indicated in the IBM grade sheet in the last semester, semestral scholastic status, leaves of absence and the semesters when the student was last readmitted.

E. Summary of Academic Performance (SAP) from the concerned College Secretary

F. Evaluation Sheet [Blue Sheet] to be accomplished by the College Sec. SRE.

G. Photocopy of valid I.D. from parents with signature

H. Plan of Action (to ensure that the delinquency will not happen again)

I. Affivavit of Non enrollment in other institution for the time that the student was not enrolled.

Note: Only those certified by the Instructors (as written on the grade sheet) that failure in all courses was due to unauthorized or excessive absences may appeal for readmission. All documents should be submitted to CAS-OCS in hard copy.

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