Application for Dropping
Application for Dropping

Filing and Processing of Application for Dropping

  1. Submit a hard copy of the application letter for dropping (which includes the reason for dropping) to the CAS-OCS addressed to the CAS College Secretary, noted by the parent/guardian, and with recommending approval of the adviser and the unit director/department chair. Also, attach a copy of the Form 5.
  2. Wait for the approval of the College Secretary. Once approved, CAS-OCS issues the dropping form slip (UPLB Form 26-A).
  3. Fill out the dropping slip and have it signed by the faculty-in-charge (FIC) and the adviser.
  4. Submit the accomplished dropping slip with the approved letter for dropping and the receipt for payment for dropping to CAS-OCS.
  5. Once approved, CAS-OCS issues the approved dropping form slip. The student should provide a copy of the approved dropping form slip to the FIC.