Application for Dropping
Application for Dropping

Online Filing and Processing of Application for Dropping

  1. Submit an application letter for dropping (which includes the reason for dropping) addressed to the CAS College Secretary, noted by the parent/guardian, and with recommending approval of the adviser and the unit/department chair.
  2. Send this application letter to CAS-OCS email [email protected] with subject: DegreeProgram_Dropping Application (e.g. BACA_Dropping Application).
  3. Wait for the approval of the College Secretary.
    Once approved. CAS-OCS will send the dropping form slip (UPLB Form 26-A).
  4. Fill out the dropping slip and have it signed by the faculty-in-charge and adviser.
  5. Send the accomplished dropping slip in PDF format to the CAS-OCS email with subject: DegreeProgram_Dropping Slip (e.g. BACA_Dropping Slip).
  6. CAS-OCS sends the approved dropping slip to the student and faculty-in-charge.
1 dropping flowchart