Department of Social Sciences
Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences’ vision is to offer and continually enrich the social science components of the general education program of UPLB; to provide specialized training and expertise in the various disciplines of the social sciences such as Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Political Science, and History; to undertake basic and applied interdisciplinary research in the social sciences; and to provide extension and public service to benefit the immediate community and the nation.

Its mission is to be a center of excellence in the social sciences in the domains of instruction, interdisciplinary research, and extension, using its pool of faculty trained in the different fields of the social sciences, it is a central and pivotal force in the ongoing overall social development and transformation of the people through raising their social consciousness and sharpening their perceptions of social issues as well as in the realms of science and technology.

Faculty Roster:

Aldama, Prince Kennex R. Instructor 4
Dangcalan, Ron Jay P. Assistant Professor 1
Duran, Mary Diane A. Instructor 3
Abrigo. Girlie Nora A. Associate Professor 1
Alagad, Kristine R. Assistant Professor 2
Alporha, Veronica C.  
Anonuevo, Augustus T.  
Aquino, Cornelia A.  
Ayson, Miguel Enrico G. Instructor 3
Belano, Zoilo Jr D.  
Boncocan, Rhina A.  
Boro-Magbanua, Ma. Reina Assistant Professor 5
Briones, Maria Rowena S. Assistant Professor 2
Calvo, Esther Mary L.  
Castro, April Hope T.  
Crudo, Eugene Raymond P. Instructor 1
De Guzman, Rowena P. Assistant Professor 1
De Guzman. Josef Adriel O. Instructor 4
Diestro, Dwight David A. Associate Professor 5
Dizon-Luna, Stephanie Rose T.  
Eusebio, Mark Julius F. Instructor 3
Falguerra, Norbert Norris B.  
Fornillos, Jholyan Francis S. Instructor 1
Guerrero, Ena-Kamila V. Instructor 1
Guiwa, Herald Ian C. Instructor 6
Javar, Roderick C. Assistant Professor 4
Jison, John Raymond B. Instructor 4
Julianda, Shiela May T.  
La Puebla, Ferdinand L. Assistant Professor 1
Ligero, Jeffrey James C.  
Lopega, Diosdado B. Assistant Professor 1
Malabed, Rizalino N.  
Maranan, Noahlyn C. Assistant Professor 3
Melencio, Gloria E. Assistant Professor 1
Mercado, Athenee P. Assistant Professor 2
Mijares, Aileen May P. Assistant Professor
Nalangan, Gladys P.  
Palis, Florencia G.  
Pangilinan, Lei A. Instructor 1
Pawilen, Reidan M. Instructor 1
Quintos, Mark Anthony M. Assistant Professor 1
Rodriguez, Ma. Victoria C.  
Rogelio, Rosette Ane O. Instructor 5
Varquez, Jessie G. Assistant Professor 2
Villasenor, Raphael Zaldy G.  
Yema, Dan Paolo R. Instructor 5
Yonaha, Yvan Ysmael T. Instructor 3