AA SS Program
UPLB's Department of Human Kinetics: Pioneering Quality Sports Development with AASS Program Adoption

By: Coach Jamaal Basil P. Williams

The Department of Human Kinetics (DHK) has set its sights on becoming the center for quality sports development in Region IV. With a team of esteemed faculty members specializing in physical education and sports science, DHK offers a science-based and systematic approach to learning, ensuring that aspiring athletes receive the best possible education to excel in their chosen fields. As part of its journey towards this goal, the department has embarked on adopting the Associate in Arts (Sports Studies) program (AASS) from the renowned College of Human Kinetics of UP Diliman.

This move aims to pave the way for UPLB to be the pioneer in offering the AASS program among neighboring colleges and universities in the region, benefiting young athletes with its short-term degree program and extensive career opportunities.

The AASS Program: Empowering Aspiring Athletes and Professionals
The Associate in Arts (Sports Studies) program, or AASS, is a two-year post-secondary education program specially designed for young athletes aspiring to achieve excellence and professionalism in the sports industry. With a focus on skill development and theoretical knowledge, the AASS equips graduates with the tools they need to succeed in various sports-related careers.

A Pathway to Success:
The AASS program at UPLB offers an ideal platform for young athletes who want to pursue their dreams while gaining a quality education. The two-year degree program allows students to hone their skills and grow into competent professionals. Students can continue their athletic careers while pursuing their studies, balancing their athletic passion with their academic development.
Graduates with an AASS degree from UPLB have the opportunity to explore numerous career opportunities. Students can pursue careers as sports and fitness trainers, assistant instructors for professional teams, and referees or umpires for sports tournaments after completing the program. The AASS program ensures that students are knowledgeable about the complexities of the sports industry, making them valuable assets to any sports-related organization.

Unleashing Athletic Potential: A Recap of the AASS Certificate Program Events at EB Copeland Gym
To select the program’s pioneer students, the department organized two events on July 18 and 24, 2023. These events featured a series of Sports Skill Tests and Sports Related Tests, drawing 28 applicants to showcase their talents and dedication. The DHK faculty carefully evaluated each participant’s performance, assessing their technical skills, coordination, and adaptability to different sports.
The selected participants are now set to embark on their AASS journey. With a faculty dedicated to providing a science-based and systematic approach to learning, these young athletes can look forward to honing their skills and gaining the knowledge required to thrive in the sports industry.