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Happy 40th IC!IC celebrates its 40th Anniversary as NCOE

Last 23-24 March 2023, the Institute of Chemistry (IC) celebrated its 40th anniversary as a National Center of Excellence (NCOE) in the Basic Sciences with the theme, “IC@40: Strengthening Bonds and Creating New Ones… Resonating Excellence, Maintaining Relevance.” The first day of the celebration included the unveiling of the interactive Periodic Table donated by Project Elementa, opening of exhibits made through the joint efforts of IC student organizations, and a commemorative lecture by Academician William G. Padolina, Ph.D. Academician Padolina’s lecture titled “Overcoming Inertia and Enabling Change” provided insights on how to be relevant in our chosen field through the ever-changing world. He also encouraged the students to align their research with the needs of the present society, while considering the circular economy in the process. Present also during the Day 1 morning events were UPLB Chancellor Jose V. Camacho, Jr., CAS Dean Dr. Maribel L. Dionisio-Sese who gave the opening remarks, and UP CHEMAA President Mrs. Maria Elaine P. De Velez. The first half of the Day 1 program ended with the launching of the new IC website and the new IC Logo.

The afternoon of March 23 was a celebration where IC honor students and the services of an IC retiree, Mr. Manuel V. Linis, were recognized. In an effort to look back and honor the people behind the success of IC throughout the years, an AVP showcasing the previous IC Directors was presented. The recognition of the passers of the 2022 Chemistry and Chemical Technician Licensure Exams was also held where topnotchers from IC received monetary awards from the UPLB CHEMAA. Day 1 highlighted the developments made by the Institute of Chemistry through the years, and its efforts to further inspire its constituents to strive for excellence in their chosen field.

The celebration continued on Day 2 with informative talks regarding IC’s milestones in research and extension. Dr. Leah J. Buendia, the DOST Undersecretary for Research and Development, joined the program through a video message and shared the DOST initiatives and strategies for the next six years to lead the country to economic transformation for a prosperous, inclusive, and resilient society. She ended her talk with an encouragement that through collaboration with other departments and the public, the science and technology sector can definitely make an impact. Other invited speakers were former IC Director Dr. Hidelisa P. Hernandez and former IC faculty member Dr. Veronica C. Sabularse. The two shared their journey toward getting their research out of the laboratory and into the real world. Needless to say, it involved hard work, learning and unlearning, and connecting with the right people whose strengths were complementary to theirs.

An IC Stakeholders’ Meeting was also held where students and partner companies were invited for a fruitful exchange of ideas and possibilities. Representatives from the National Crop Protection Center, DENR-ERDB, Pascual Pharma Corp. Laboratory, UPLB-IMSP, Grain Quality and Nutrition Laboratory IRRI, Biochemistry Lab of Institute of Plant Breeding UPLB, and All Waste Services attended the meeting. Dr. Cervinia M. Manalo presented the currently used BS Chemistry and BS Agricultural Chemistry curricula. Asst. Prof. Paul Lloydson J. Alvarez, as Chair of the IC Quality Assurance Committee, gave an update on the ongoing preparations of IC for AUN accreditation. On the other hand, Asst. Prof. Melvin A. Castrosanto presented the process for the internship of students in partner companies. The Stakeholders’ Meeting was conducted to align the skills of IC students with the needs of potential employers.
The second and last day of the celebration ended with an IC Family Day where games and prizes were enjoyed by the IC faculty, staff, and students. Dr. Mae Joanne B. Aguila, Deputy Director of IC, gave her closing remarks by thanking everyone who participated and made the celebration a success.

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BFY. Rezaga