MathTEX 2023 now caters Students, Teachers nationwide.

To aid in the transition to the K-12 curriculum, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP) hosts MathTEX, a yearly training workshop formerly exclusive to high school teachers. Aligned with the mission to contribute to national development, IMSP, in partnership with the Filipino Science Hub (FilSciHub), opens MathTEX 2023 for both teachers and students across the country for the first time.
This online training was held on three consecutive Saturdays from January 28 until February 11. A total of 70 participants nationwide joined this year’s MathTEX.

The speakers, Dr. Ariel L. Babierra, Dr. Eduardo O. Jatulan, and Dr. Neil Jerome A. Egarguin, who are all from IMSP, focused on the contextualization of learning and teaching calculus in high school. Specifically, they discussed the development and history of calculus, limits and continuity, derivatives, integrals, the fundamental theorem of calculus, and their applications. Each lecture was followed by a breakout session where participants were given a chance to have a more in-depth discussion to strengthen their learning.
Dr. Editha C. Jose, the director of IMSP, welcomed the participants to this three-day event and shared a brief history of MathTEX. Dr. Jeffrey C. Bunquin, the founder and current president of FilSciHub, showcased their organization as an overseas-based community. He also shared their activities throughout the years.

The event concluded with the awarding of certificates to the participants, speakers, and organizers. Dr. Maica Krizna Gavina, the chair of the organizing committee of MathTEX 2023, also gave a closing remark to thank the participants and speakers for their active participation and support of this yearly program.
MathTex was launched in 2012 to provide workshops for high school teachers on different subject areas in mathematics. This year, IMSP aimed to help high school teachers teach new mathematics courses brought about by the transition to the K–12 curriculum and to help students deepen their knowledge of mathematics.

(GB Gamilla)