SAFF 2022 Final Poster
IMSP Forum on Fostering Academe-Industry Partnership attracts over 150 participants

The second Student Alumni Faculty Forum (SAFF 2022) was conducted last March 21, 2022 as part of the 39th anniversary celebration of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics (IMSP) as a National Center of Excellence (NCOE) in the Basic Sciences. The director of IMSP, Dr. Editha C. Jose, welcomed the participants, guests, and speakers, who were distinguished alumni of the Institute.

Asst. Prof. Azra May Kabiri and Asst. Prof. Marisol Martinez, the masters of ceremonies, introduced the first speaker, Mr. Allan Kim Gayahan. He gave a background on data science and shared how his applied mathematics degree provided him with the basic knowledge he needed to pursue the said field. The second speaker, Ms. Rose Emergo-Ripee, started her talk by discussing the nature of her work as an engineer in Kyocera and how her degree in applied physics and multiple training helped her grow professionally.

The afternoon session was formally opened by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Maribel Dionisio-Sese. She congratulated the Institute and hoped that the event would be an excellent venue for students, faculty, and alumni for partnership and collaboration.

Ms. Marie Paz Quilnat, the first speaker for the afternoon session, talked about anti-fraud and how her training in mathematical modeling, data analysis, statistics, programming and management became her backbone in building her skills to identify and examine frauds. The last speaker, Engr. Mark Lester Altoveros from the James Dyson Foundation (Dyson), presented a brief history of Dyson as a manufacturer of vacuums and then explained how the company grew through innovation. He concluded his talk by introducing the James Dyson Award.

As a closing remark, the co-chair of the event, Asst. Prof. Wielson M. Factolerin, emphasized that a network is an important component of success, and one should continue building one’s knowledge.

Four participants, among over 150, won GCash credits for the Slido quizzes after each presentation. As of press time, the live recordings on the IMSP Facebook page gained more than 1,600 aggregated views.

— A Marasigan & W Factolerin