The University of the Philippines Rural High School’s mission is to focus on the development of the following attitudes which are considered basic to personal and national development:

  1. pride in our national identity;
  2. recognition of abilities and potentials and commitment to use skills towards achieving personal goals and contributing to national aspirations;
  3. genuine concerns for others;
  4. understanding of the need for self-discipline to attain personal and communal goals; and
  5. appreciation of moral and spiritual goals.

Its vision is to become an academically excellent science-oriented secondary educational institution and a leading development center for teachers in the basic education.

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Faculty Roster:

Aledo, Rayven P. Instructor 1
Ardales, Gregorio Y. Jr. Asst. Professor 6
Baclor, Jenny Flor S. Instructor 7
Bagunas, Irish D. Instructor 3
Bejerano, Perla Y. Asst. Professor 1
Belas, Ma. Lourdes B. Instructor 6
Bernardo, Judith M. Instructor 5
Briones, Glenn Ray B. Instructor 1
Buela, Mabel S. Instructor 7
Bulasag, Abriel S. Asst. Professor 1
Buso, Leizel M. Instructor 7
Callueng, Edengrace M. Instructor 7
Cañeda, Trisha Jasmin DM. Instructor 1
Castillo, Ronne Matthews C. Instructor 1
Carascal, Liza C. Assoc. Professor 4
dela Cruz, Precious Jewel D. Asst. Professor 1
Diaz, Cheska Lorraine P. Instructor 1
Diolata, Ellen Ann A. Asst. Professor 1
Dionisio, Christian DJ. Instructor 6
Duenas, Marvin L. Asst. Professor 1
Enardecido, Aries Instructor 3
Gaffud, Ma. Concepcion A. Asst. Professor 3
Galletes, Felicisimo Jr. G. Instructor 3
Garcia, Lea C. Assoc. Professor 1
Gonzales, Ann Jelin D. Asst. Professor 1
Lanzaderas, Cris R. Instructor 1
Lapitan, May Ann B. Asst. Professor 1
Liwanag, Ronadane N. Instructor 3
Lubguban, Alona A. Asst. Professor 6
Mabilangan, Rina A. Asst. Professor 2
Macale, Aphrodite M. Asst. Professor 3
Maquera, Marife R. Asst. Professor 1
Medrano, Hazel L. Instructor 7
Millanes, Ma. Angelie A. Asst. Professor 1
Obsioma, Joram P. Asst. Professor 1
Onal, Elisa SJ. Asst. Professor 1
Posa, Rowena V. Asst. Professor 1
Puno, Wilaiza Maris C. Instructor 1
Quimbo, Josephine DJ. Asst. Professor 2
Ramirez, Hazel Joyce P. Instructor 3
Subaldo, Frenz Von L. Instructor 1
Tepino, Ma. Ophelia D. Asst. Professor 2
Torres, Dannah Erika P. Instructor 1
Gonzales, Rainier Kent Emerson B. Asst. Professor 1
Escarilla, Jannille Abbie S. (Appointment in-process) Instructor 3
Lumagbas, Anna Princess R. (Appointment in-process) Instructor 3
Sanchez, Leandro Angelo Miguel L. (Appointment in-process) Asst. Professor 1
Ventura, Ruby Lynn G. (Appointment in-process) Asst. Professor 2
Quibuyen, Marc Jerick F. (Appointment in-process) Instructor 1