Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics
January 16, 2017

The IMSP generally aims to promote the mathematical sciences and physics through instruction, research, and extension consistent with UPLB’s mission and development goals. Specifically, the Institute aims to:

  1. provide high quality instruction in the mathematical sciences and physics general education program
  2. produce graduates who possess extensive and well-rounded education and training in mathematics and physics so that they are better equipped to realize and recognize new and important applications of the mathematical sciences
  3. develop, administer, and provide non-formal training in the field of mathematical sciences and physics
  4. undertake relevant research and development activities on the applied and theoretical aspects of the mathematical sciences and physics

The mathematical sciences play a significant role in the physical and management sciences, engineering, biological, social and even political science in both academic and non-academic spheres. 

Official Website:

Faculty Roster:

Name of Faculty RANK
Albao, Marvin A. Professor 1
Albia, Jason R. Assistant Professor 1
Almanza, Dustin Loren V. Instructor 1
Altoveros, Nelio C. Associate Professor 5
Balista, Junius Andre F. Assistant Professor 7
Barbarona, Rona F. Assistant Professor 1
Bayocboc, Francis Jr. A. Assistant Professor 1
Clemente, Roberto S. Associate Professor 4
Colambo, Ivy R. Associate Professor 3
Cuansing, Eduardo Jr. C. Associate Professor 3
Cuansing, Jacqueline T. Assistant Professor 1
Dizon, John Symon C. Instructor 1
Eusebio, Rosemarie D. Associate Professor 4
Florido, Emmanuel A. Assistant Professor 7
Garcia, Maria Carmela T. Assistant Professor 1
Gillado, Armida V. Assistant Professor 1
Herrera, Marvin U. Associate Professor 6
Jusi, Arvin Lester C. Instructor 1
Lozada, Lou Serafin M. Assistant Professor 2
Padama, Allan Abraham B. Associate Professor 3
Parel, Marco Miguel P. Instructor 1
Gecalao, Phoebe Nicole L. Instructor 1
Piñol, Chrysline Margus N. Assistant Professor 7
Putungan, Darwin B. Associate Professor 1
Roxas-Villanueva, Ranzivelle Marianne L. Associate Professor 2
Santos-Putungan, Alexandra B. Assistant Professor 1
Sino, Paul Albert L. Instructor 1
Tapia, Alvin Karlo G. Assistant Professor 6
Villanueva, Anthony Allan D. Assistant Professor 6
Lacuesta, Terencio D. Senior Lecturer 3


Name of Faculty RANK
Acob, Marjo-Anne B. Assistant Professor 1
Alcala, Jeric S. Assistant Professor 1
Babierra, Ariel L. Assistant Professor 4
Buhat, Christian Alvin H. Instructor 1
Cortez, Mark Jayson V. Assistant Professor 1
Cuaresma, Diane Carmeliza N. Instructor 6
Cuaresma, Genaro A. Assistant Professor 7
Cuaresma, Ma. Cristeta N. Assistant Professor 7
Cueno, Anthony L. Assistant Professor 1
De Lara, Mark Lexter D. Assistant Professor 2
Dela Cruz, Ben Paul B. Instructor 2
Dela Pena, Rhodora O. Assistant Professor 7
Dimasuay, Lynie B. Associate Professor 4
Domingo, Alleli C. Associate Professor 4
Dorado, Crisanto A. Assistant Professor 6
Egarguin, Neil Jerome A. Assistant Professor 1
Felix, Edd Francis O. Instructor 3
Fontanil, Lauro L. Assistant Professor 3
Gamilla, Gimelle B. Instructor 1
Gavina, Maica Krizna A. Assistant Professor 2
Gemida, Eleanor B. Instructor 4
Inaudito, Jose Marie M. Instructor 3
Iquin, Julian Jr. G. Instructor 1
Jatulan, Eduardo O. Assistant Professor 1
Jose, Editha C. Assistant Professor 7
Joson, Joey R. Instructor 1
Kabiri, Azra May B. Instructor 2
Lampos, John Mark  T. Assistant Professor 3
Lapus, Raymond, R. Instructor 7
Lawas, Vernel M. Assistant Professor 6
Lomerio, Ivy Carol  B. Instructor 4
Loyola, Jean O. Associate Professor 6
Lutero, Destiny SM. Assistant Professor 1
Magalona, Gily V. Assistant Professor 1
Malaguit, Jcob C. Instructor 3
Mamplata, Jonathan B. Assistant Professor 1
Manalo, Ardee C. Instructor 3
Maranan, Siena Catherine A. Instructor 3
Marasigan, Angelo E. Instructor 3
Nazareno, Allen L. Assistant Professor 2
Olave, Yancee H. Instructor 3
Palacio, Jane D. Assistant Professor 3
Palines, Herbert S. Assistant Professor 2
Panopio, Rolando G. Professor 4
Rabajante, Jomar F. Associate Professor 2
Roxas, Arniel E. Instructor 5
Sison, Virgilio P. Professor 1
Talabis, Dylan Antonio SJ Instructor 5
Tan, Pierre Lance A. Instructor 1
Torres, Monica C. Instructor 3
Tubay, Jerrold M. Assistant Professor 6
Umali, Lester Charles A. Assistant Professor 1
Verano, Kyrell Vann B. Instructor 4