Institute of Computer Science
January 16, 2017


The Institute of Computer Science’s mission is to:

  1. produce the needed quality manpower for the software industry of the Philippines and the manpower needed to carry out the information processing functions of private and government institutions
  2. carry out high-level research and development in computer science and computer hardware so as to enhance locally produced computer products
  3. continuously upgrade the computing personnel of industry and government through training

Its vision is to become the National Center of Excellence in Computer Science.

Official Website:

Faculty Roster:

Abriol-Santos Katrina Joy M Assistant Professor 2
Aguila Ivy Joy U Instructor 1
Aguila Roinand B Instructor 1
Aguirre Mary Grace Angelie G Instructor 1
Albacea Eliezer A Professor 12
Albacea John Patrick Vj Assistant Professor 1
Anacleto Mylah Rystie U Instructor 3
Bawagan Juan Miguel Iii J Assistant Professor 1
Carandang Monina Gazelle Charina B Assistant Professor 1
Clariño Maria Art Antonette D Assistant Professor 3
De Robles Marie Betel B Instructor 3
Dela Rosa Dyanara M Instructor 1
Doria Ariel B Instructor 4
Drio Donnalyn L Instructor 1
Emalada Gerald Benedict C Instructor 1
Encinas John Emmanuel I Instructor 4
Fallarme Emerald F Instructor 1
Geronimo John O-Neil Villena Instructor 1
Hermocilla Joseph Anthony C Assistant Professor 5
Jacildo Arian J Assistant Professor 5
Jaen Kendall Jeane G Instructor 1
Khan Concepcion L Assistant Professor 7
Koh, Young Kuk Senior Lecturer
Lactuan Lei Kristoffer R Instructor 3
Lapitan Fermin Roberto G Assistant Professor 2
Lauron, Maureen Lyndel C Assistant Professor 1
Madrid Val Randolf M Assistant Professor 2
Maniaol Rozano S Assistant Professor 1
Mercado Danilo J Assistant Professor 2
Mercado Rizza Dc Assistant Professor 4
Monserrat Toni-Jan Keith P Assistant Professor 1
Obrero Rick Jason G Instructor 1
Pabico Jaderick P Professor 2
Paterno Margarita Carmen S Assistant Professor 6
Pelaez Kristine Bernadette P Instructor 3
Peralta Caroline Natalie M Assistant Professor 1
Poserio Clinton E Instructor 3
Queliste Miyah D Instructor 5
Recario Reginald Neil C Assistant Professor 1
Samaniego Jaime M Associate Professor 2
Tan Katherine Loren M Instructor 1