Institute of Chemistry
January 16, 2017

The Institute of Chemistry’s mission is to

  • strengthen and expand both instruction and research in basic and applied chemistry supportive of the agricultural and industrial development thrusts of the country
  • develop research capabilities in several areas of both basic and applied chemistry
  • develop and implement academic programs needed to produce highly trained manpower equipped with sound knowledge and adequate skills in chemistry
  • intensify activities, enhance the delivery of technical services and the transfer of chemistry-related technologies

Its vision is to be a major center for instruction and research in Chemistry for the country and for South East Asia and to serve as a dynamic institution for providing chemistry-related extension services relevant to national development.

Official Website:

Faculty Roster:

Abrera, Annabelle T Assistant Professor 1
Abulencia, Anabel B Instructor 3
Aguila, Mae Joanne B Associate Professor 1
Aldemita, Ma Desiree B Assistant Professor 4
Alomia, Ralph Lauren M Instructor 7
Alvarez, Paul Lloydson J Instructor 7
Angelia, Mark Rickard N Assistant Professor 4
Aquino, Jasper A Instructor 1
Arche, Phillip Damien E Instructor 1
Arreola, Sheryl Lozel B Assistant Professor 1
Barcellano, Eljeswyne Clomer G Instructor 1
Bilog , Marvin M Instructor 1
Briones, Aldwin Ralph C Instructor 1
Ciar, Lowen B Instructor 4
Clavecilla, Daniel Noel F Instructor 1
Clemencia, Mia Clare Marie B Assistant Professor 1
Completo, Gladys Cherrise J Professor 1
Cruz, Kristalle G Instructor 3
Daniel, Christy S Assistant Professor 1
Delmo, Naela V Instructor 4
Dequina, Peter James Q Instructor 3
Gabog, King Bryan C Instructor 1
Gado, Jeric G Instructor 4
Go, Louelle Sheryl V Instructor 2
Grajo, Herra L Instructor 4
Hernandez, Hidelisa P Professor 3
Hernandez, Jayoh A Instructor 1
Hizon-Fradejas, Amelia B Assistant Professor 6
Ibabao, Rochelle P Instructor 3
Lacsamana, Marivic S Professor 1
Lagrada, Val Jason G Instructor 1
Lapoot, Lloyd M Instructor 5
Legaspi, Anna Esperanza Q Instructor 3
Magalona, Maritess L Instructor 7
Magsino, Al Jerome A Instructor 5
Makabenta, Jessa Marie V Instructor 3
Manalo, Marlon N Associate Professor 3
Masangkay, Jethro T Instructor 2
Mendoza, Hervin Errol T Instructor 7
Micor, Jose Rene L Associate Professor 4
Molino, Vjay E Instructor 1
Monte, Penafrancia F Instructor 3
Nacario, Ruel C Associate Professor 1
Nepomuceno, Precious Ann L Instructor 1
Paddayuman, Jenise Z Instructor 1
Peralta, Milagros M Professor 4
Perez, Kevinilo G Instructor 4
Punelas, Dana C Instructor 1
Recuenco, Mariam C Associate Professor 1
Remillion, Bong Carlo N Instructor 1
Rodriguez, Myrna S Associate Professor 7
Sagarbarria, Ma. Irina S Instructor 3
Salamanez, Kevin C Assistant Professor 1
San Gabriel, Elgin V Assistant Professor 1
San Pascual, Joseph Carmelo K Assistant Professor 1
Sinad, Korina Vida G Instructor 3
Talipan, Cherry Mae S Assistant Professor 1
Torio, Mary Ann O Associate Professor 4
Uclaray, Cristina C Instructor 7
Vidallon, Mark Louis Instructor 1
Villar, Teofila Dc Assistant Professor 6
Villones, Rhyza Lyne E Instructor 1