The Department of Human Kinetics is committed to the teaching, developing, disseminating

and applying relevant knowledge and expertise in sports, dance, recreation/fitness/health &

wellness and martial arts through instruction, coaching, research and extension and public service.


The Department of Human Kinetics functions in the University as a center for excellence in

the study and teaching of human movement science that encompasses the realm of sports, dance,

recreation/fitness/health & wellness and martial arts. The Department must have a distinct

personality in the University of the Philippines Los Baños performing its complementing role in the

Instruction, Research and Extension and Public Service with the highest moral and intellectual


Faculty Roster:

Myra Luzviminda G. Abueg Assistant Professor 4
Jade Mark B. Alvarez Instructor 3
Aivi R. Buan Assistant Professor 5
Merites M. Buot Associate Professor 6
Rowena C. Cardenas Assistant Professor 7
Jovita S. dela Cruz Associate Professor 1
Leonora A. Dirain Assistant Professor 2
Naomi M. Enriquez Assistant Professor 7
Jocelyn Ann C. Luna Assistant Professor 2
Denise Anne G. Mallari Instructor 3
Virgilio B. Marilag Assistant Professor 2
Rowena N. Monte Associate Professor 1
Rona C. Montecalbo Assistant Professor 2
Selwyn C. Robles Assistant Professor 2
Marie Toni A. Salangsang Assistant Professor 4
Percival Henry M. Balite Lecturer 1
Phan Quan Minh Lecturer 1
Frederick Simbulan Lecturer 1