Dr. Cornelia A. Aquino, a psychology faculty from the Department of Social Sciences, delivered a talk regarding stress during the GE conversation which was entitled Stress your STRESS last April 11, 2016. The GE conversation was spearheaded by DSS under the Psy 1 Cluster and was attended by students and faculty members.

The activity aims to provide the participants a nuanced understanding of stress including its effects on well-being as well as ways to manage it. Aquino believes that the talk is very timely considering that both students and faculty members face a plethora of stressors as the semester commences.

Aquino also conducted a relaxation exercise in the hope of calming and managing the chronic stresses experienced by the participants. The activity ended with Aquino explaining that managing stress requires some basic understanding of what stress is and how it affects our body, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Furthermore, she stressed that stress should not be viewed as entirely bad as it can sometimes push people to become productive.