The goals of CAS are consistent with its mandates to serve as a center of excellence in the basic sciences, as a cradle of the humanities and social sciences, and as a center of liberal arts education and foundation courses.

The college offers high-quality degree programs aimed at providing highly trained manpower in science and technology needed for industrialization and other aspects of economic development.

It pursues an outreach program toward the development of science and technology through the improvement of teaching and extending technical advice and participation in the transfer of technology to industry and other end-users.



The college has three major responsibilities. First, it takes charge of general education courses required by all UPLB undergraduate students, regardless of their area of specialization. These courses deal with art and literature, history, social, political and economic systems as well as their interrelationships with the environmental system. Moreover, they aim to deepen the students' understanding of science as an intellectual process. Second, the college offers its own undergraduate curricula. In each curriculum, the student, under the supervision of the teacher, conducts research in his chosen field. The third major responsibility of the college involves teaching graduate courses.