As an administrative officer, Ms. Lita O. Averion or Tita Lits, is in-charge of addressing the administrative requirements in the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), assisting the Director in overseeing and supervising service functions. For a particular administrative problem, she presents to the Director or the Officer-In- Charge all the pertinent rules and regulations, and presents possible options or scenarios which results in uncomplicated decision-making. Considering the various tasks and responsibilities assigned to her, Tita Lits has the ability to adjust to change and handle new tasks, problems and situations. It is precisely because of the efficiency of the administrative staff headed by Tita Lits that the Institute continuously achieves its goals and objectives.

Tita Lits has also proven to be very trustworthy when it comes to financial matters. When a casual employee in-charge of preparing and filing financial documents, and providing assistance to the inventory of office supplies and equipment was terminated in January 2004, Tita Lits took on the vacated tasks. This enabled the university to save salary expenses of at least Eighteen Thousand Pesos (Php 18, 000.00) per month. Even with the additional responsibilities, Tita Lits continued to deliver quality services by ensuring that all of the financial matters are transparent and well-accounted for.

Aside from her commendable dedication to duty, Tita Lits underwent various seminars, and trainings both locally and internationally. In 2000, she finished her Master in Management, specializing in Development Management, in UPLB. She has likewise been actively involved in several research and extension projects of the Institute as support staff. As proof of her excellent service in the University, she received the Outstanding Service Award in 1987 by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Physics, and was recognized as the Outstanding Administrative Personnel by the College of Arts and Sciences in 2008. Tita Lits’ work ethics makes her a good example of an employee whose service is marked by a strong commitment to the University’s values of honor and excellence.

Despite her busy schedule in the Institute, she always finds time to give back to the Lord. She has assumed responsibilities in the Church, where she serves as lector/commentator and secretary to the parish council. She is also one of the partners in mission of the Philippine Jesuit Aid Association, Inc. which gives support to retired Jesuit priests and brothers. Truly a commendable woman of service, Tita Lits is a role model to other UPLB employees, not only because of her dedication to her work, but also because of her active and selfless support to her community.