Ultrafast spectroscopy data Analysis workshops in IMSP-Physics by Dr. AKG Tapia

The technological advancements on laser and detector technologies paved way to the observation of ultrafast phenomena. These are in the pico- to femto-second timescales by which many chemical and physical processes take place. The technology has applications in imaging, spectroscopy and observation of ultrafast dynamics in life and environmental sciences. Dr. Alvin Karlo G. Tapia from IMSP-Physics spearheaded the Symposium on Ultrafast Spectroscopy in UPLB attended by scientists from Japan, Denmark, Brunei and the Philippines last August 2014. This was followed by researches from the UPLB Physics group to study ultrafast dynamics of indigenous materials like charcoal and honey, with the latter in collaboration with the UPLB Bee program. The IMSP-Physics group is currently developing a pool of students and researchers who are interested in ultrafast science to identify its possible applications in life and environmental sciences. Although the only ultrafast laboratory in the Philippines is housed at the National Institute of Physics (UPD), UPLB poses as a gold mine of scientific problems, which can be probed by ultrafast science. At the moment, workshops and seminars are being conducted on ultrafast techniques and data analysis. Setting up a physical laboratory requires a huge investment thus the measurements are conducted in ultrafast laboratories abroad. The generated data are analyzed by our students and researchers. The active group presented posters in the Asian Conference Ultrafast Phenomena in UP Diliman from February 22-23, 2016. These endeavours would hopefully bring cutting-edge ultrafast researches in UPLB and, hopefully, build our own ultrafast laboratory in the future.